19 October, 2012


Hello followers! I hope you are all fine and dandy?

After being here since 2007, I feel its time for a fresh start and so I am moving to a BRAND NEW BLOG.

You can now follow me HERE

Thank you for following and for all the lovely comments left on here, it really has meant a lot and I hope you can continue to follow.

25 September, 2012

Monkeys everywhere!

Its Frankfurt preparation time again and this year there will be Monkeys, many, MANY monkeys :-)

Sneaky peeks...

Its SNEAKY PEEK time again! 

Most recently I have been working with the super nice folks at Usborne Publishing on two projects that I have always fancied having a go at. In November they will jet off to Frankfurt Book Fair. Wish I could go with them...the lucky chaps!

09 July, 2012

A sneak peek -

A sneak peek from a sample I was asked to do t'other week. Quite an appropriate story actually with all the rainfall we've had in Derbyshire recently...

Will now be watching my inbox awaiting the verdict!

29 June, 2012

mmm - work!

Work has arrived in my inbox - Hooray! I'm as smiley as this little bear...

He was a sample character for a lovely story about Bears and family and love. Unfortunately he wasn't quite right for the publisher but I do hope I can use him again somewhere.

08 June, 2012

Story writing...

For years now I've been writing stories in the hopes of becoming an author - illustrator. For me, I can think of nothing more satisfying than an idea popping into my head, creating a story from it and then making the text come to life. With so many others, it's my ambition and it has been for a long time.

I have spent months on various texts. I've worked on them so much in fact, that everything about them soon became stale, lifeless and overworked to a point where the initial idea was a distant memory.


after all these attempts, you can imagine my excitement when one night, just before bed, an idea popped into my head. I noted it down and could barely sleep for thinking about it. The following day I looked at it and surprisingly, it still seemed like a story with potential to me. Within that week I had written a first draft, roughed out the storyboard and made a dummy book. That has never happened before! (not in the space of a week anyway!)

The story layout still needs some tweaking and I've just sent the latest draft to my agent for some feedback. But! It has been three weeks now since the initial idea was penned and I'm still excited to work on it AND even though there is no guarantee that any publisher will want it, I still feel I've crossed a milestone in my writing.

When it's ready and sparkly perfect for presentation, I will have ALL my fingers and ALL my toes crossed. I would love this idea to go to print and for it to be my debut book as author - illustrator.

Here's hoping!